Welcome to my personal page!

Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54 administrator

Hi, my name is Tigor Sinuraja and I am a developer.

Currently, I hold the position of a Senior ETL Developer at a Dutch company.

With 20+ years of working experience in the IT-industry I still enjoy my job every day. My main strength is the combination of creativity, pragmatism and the ability to focus. They say I have strong analytical skills, although I rely often on my intuition. I am certified in various process management and modeling frameworks which help me to successfully handle all stages of the software development life cycle.

I have designed and implemented different kind of systems, from transactional applications to BI-solutions on top of datawarehouses. Programming and modeling are my passion, learning new things is my addiction. To me, this site is a platform where I can share ideas, information about new architectures and methods, programming code samples, software generators and design patterns. It's my personal knowledge base and an introduction to my professional and personal profile.




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